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I recently redesigned and rebranded my website for my passion as a yoga teacher, incorporating my specialism in Scaravelli-inspired Yoga. Built using the Genesis Framework, this website boasts a strong site structure that has led to impressive results in search engines, with a Google first page ranking for multiple keywords.

In addition, this website ranks high in local and global searches, and users love its user-friendly design and smooth navigation!

Revamped Yoga Website with Cutting-Edge Features

Rebranding: A complete makeover of my yoga website, from the colour scheme to the logo, which reflects my brand’s personality and energy.

Domain Name Change: I changed the domain name to make it more memorable, catchy, and relevant to my brand.

Advanced Caching: Improved website performance with advanced caching techniques makes the site load faster, even during peak hours.

WooCommerce Cart Performance: A live cart feature that enables seamless checkout and adds a touch of professionalism to my site.

Strong Brand Design: A well-crafted design that aligns with my brand, engages visitors, and reinforces my brand’s identity.

Advanced Search Functions: Easy-to-use search functions that help visitors find what they need quickly and efficiently. This has helped improve my website’s rankings on Google.