Change management consultant.

—John Mcintosh

I am currently working on an ongoing website design project for Fidelis HSD, focusing on showcasing their expertise in major change management.

The website design aims to highlight their experience, knowledge, and achievements in this field, establishing Fidelis HSD as a leader in the industry!

Transforming Fidelis HSD with Innovative Web Design

Major Change Management Focus: Showcasing John’s’ expertise and knowledge .

User-Friendly Navigation: Featuring a portfolio of John’s’ work, from Proton beam facilities to Military field hospitals, this portfolio highlights his diverse range of interests and expertise.

Engaging Content: In addition to creating a robust online presence for Fidelis HSD, the website design includes success stories and case studies demonstrating their ability to deliver results in complex change management situations.

Responsive Design: The intuitive navigation structure makes it easy for visitors to find the information they need and learn more about Fidelis HSD’s services.

Search Engine Optimisation: A website design optimised for search engines, ensuring that Fidelis HSD’s website ranks well on Google and other search engines. 

Lightning Fast Site Speeds.

As search engines get smarter, SEO becomes more about good content and fast page load speeds than keyword hacks

With the introduction of Google’s Core Web Vitals, having a fast website is more important than ever

These results are very impressive for a site of this size. The site structure and SEO structure have made for stunning results.